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Toll Processing

Toll Processing refers to recycling parts and scrap for a fee and returning the material to the customer. Some customers need production scrap recycled so that it can be re-used back into the production process. We can do this recycling for customers who do not have the capacity or time to do it for themselves. Other customers buy scrap to use in their production process, but need it recycled first. We bring the scrap in, process it back into clean regrind in good packaging, and send it back to the customer for their re-use.

Why might you need Toll Processing?

The main reason tends to be that the products produced are too large to be processed in-house by a molding and manufacturing operation. Some customers have no recycling capability at all. Others have recycling capacity, but it is dedicated to other materials or jobs.
Plastics General Toll Processes materials range from small parts and runners to large format parts that need a large shredding system and granulator that are beyond the scope of a typical manufacturing facility. We have Tolled sensitive Engineering Grades and Commodity olefins and everything in between.

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