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New Plastic Molding Equipment for Sale

Plastics General Polymers has branched out into supplying not only plastic materials, but the machinery that can mold the plastic and support manufacturing operations as well. See below for the product lines that we offer. Contact us should you want to discuss any potential needs. The product lines that we offer can grow, so keep checking back with us

Injection Molding Machines

We work with two manufacturers who produce both horizontal and vertical Injection Molding Machines (IMMs). There is overlap between the two manufacturers, but they differ in their sizing, focus, and details as well as the breadth of options and accessories they offer.

Borche North America

Borche North America

  • Horizontal Injection Molding Machines from 80 Metric Tons to 8,000
  • Servo Hydraulic, Hybrid and Full Electric Presses
  • Vertical Injection Molding Machines
  • Extrusion Machines for profile, sheet, and pipe
  • Robots
  • Custom assembly and packaging automation up to Lights Out Full Automation
  • Support equipment – Blowers, grinders, Vacuum loaders, and more
Borche North America
Bole America

Bole America

  • Horizontal Injection Molding Machines from 60 Metric Tons to 8,000
  • Servo Hydraulic and Full Electric Presses
  • Vertical Injection Molding Machines
  • Specialty IMMs for continuous fiber molding (CIML)
  • Specialty Recycling IMMs for cleaning of regrind materials just prior to molding – no compounding needed
  • Specialty IMMs for molding metal and ceramic
Bole America


Blenders, Feeding, and Dosing

We have partnered with Movacolor to add blending, dosing, and auxiliary feeding equipment to our range of products.

Movacolor is the world leader in Blending and feeding technologies. Movacolor has been making blending and dosing equipment in the Netherlands for over 35 years. They are a European company, based in The Netherlands, and all their production and engineering are from their facility in the city of Sneek.

Movacolor’s products are assembled from European-sourced components to bring the quality and dependability that they have built our reputation on. With a significant level of installed base world-wide, Movacolor’s goals remain simply to aid their clients in being as productive, profitable, and successful as possible.
Whether you are utilizing pellets, micro-pellets, powders, regrind, flake, or liquids in your processes, Movacolor has solutions available with the highest level of accuracy (down to one pellet at a time) and the highest durability in the industry. Movacolor prides itself on providing the most dependable products in the market, and our clients rely on our units to create savings, optimize production, control waste and over-dosing, and increasing quality.
Contact us today to see how we can help your operations, expand, improve and become more efficient.

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