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IP & Liability Product Destruction

Intellectual Property and Liability – Product Destruction

Some of our customers have sensitive parts, products, and partial assemblies that cannot be used in a final product and that need to be destroyed. We offer destruction services so that these parts cannot be copied, misused, or otherwise involved in anything that could jeopardize any Intellectual Property (IP) or cause any product liability to occur. We can certify the destruction as well per a given customer’s needs.

Mixed Material Parts

Most of these parts and assemblies are made from several types of plastic and metal parts as well. They cannot be simply recycled, due to the inherent contamination and mixed materials in the parts. Our shredding process crushes and cuts the parts, separating many of the different materials.

Mixed Material Recycling

We partner with other companies who can take the resultant mixed shred and recover the metals and separate and clean the plastics. The separated plastics are then used as feedstocks for compounding into other plastics. The discarded and shredded assemblies are not simply thrown away and buried, they are separated, recycled, and put to new uses as best as possible. The reduces the product’s overall Carbon Footprint and minimizes landfill impact. That is a win for everyone involved.

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