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Why Plastics General

Plastics General Polymers offers personalized service and a human touch to help you with your needs. Our team has decades of experience and connections to help find the right solutions for you.

Whether you need a large order of a commodity resin like polyethylene or a small order of a unique engineering compound like Ultem or PVDF, we can help you.

We can help you in all facets of your plastics business. Let us know what you need to buy and we can find it for you if we don’t have it in stock. Do you need to sell old inventory or your molding scrap? We can help you. Do you want to set up a closed loop recycling program? Our tolling services can be the answer. Are you looking for new equipment for your molding operation? We represent several equipment manufacturers that can provide you machinery to fit your needs.

Plastics General Polymers aims to help you and your business in every aspect of your plastics enterprise. We can provide you the materials that you need, buy the materials and scraps that you don’t, and help to equip your facility with the machinery necessary to get the job done. Get in touch with us and let’s see what we can do together.