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Plastics General was started by Carl Weir in 1982. Carl is a chemical engineer who began working in plastics with General Electric (GE) in the 1960’s developing the first versions of Lexan polycarbonate. Many years of working at GE and other plastics related businesses led Carl to Arizona where he decided to start serving the growing local plastics molding market in Phoenix.

What started as a phone in the kitchen to call customers a pickup truck to deliver the plastic grew quickly into a small warehouse with our first forklift. Molding customers soon began to inquire about what to do with their scrap. The recycling arm of Plastics General quickly came to be with the purchase of a first small granulator.

More machines and larger warehouses came and went over the years. Our capacity has expanded and morphed as the needs of our customers progressed. Today we shred and grind a wide variety of materials from small engineering scraps to large pipes, purgings, and containers. We can provide materials in quantities from one pound to full truckloads of 40,000lbs.

Plastics General has been serving the plastics industry for over four decades. Contact us today to see what we can do together in the next decade.