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World Plastics Trading Center






September 4th, 1997, Tempe Arizona –


Plastics General, Inc. announced today the launch of The World Plastics Trading Center, an Internet Web site Board of Trade for all thermoplastic materials used worldwide. "The World Plastics Trading Center will revolutionize the way molders, resin manufacturers, compounders and brokers/distributors dispose of surplus, wide spec, and aged resin inventories, by bringing buyers and sellers together on an internet marketplace", says Carl Weir, President of Plastics General, Inc. The World Plastics Trading Center can be reached via the Plastics General, Inc. Website at Access to the site is free and there is no charge to post materials for sale or to submit an offer to buy. The World Plastics Trading Center will coordinate each transaction at current market value with a nominal commission. Further information is available at 888-678-4410.


The World Plastics Trading Center allows sellers to post materials for sale after a quick initial registration via the Internet. Registration information is kept confidential, but is required for The World Plastics Trading Center to contact potential sellers and buyers to complete transactions. Similarly, registered buyers may review all materials for sale and submit offers to buy via the Internet. These offers will be reviewed by World Plastics Trading Center floor traders. Valid offers will then be made to the seller via telephone. Sellers will remain anonymous and will not handle unproductive inquiries, since only World Plastics Trading Center traders will be contacting them with real, fair-market offers. Sellers can also be assured that they will be paid if the material is as represented, since The World Plastics Trading Center will establish the credit worthiness of the buyer.


This process provides an easy to use method for all molders, resin manufacturers, compounders and brokers/distributors to obtain full market value for their nonproductive inventories of resins, regrinds, parts, sprues, and runners. The realized return on these surplus materials can be increased by 15% to 30% for regrinds and up to 50% for virgin resins. This is possible since the newly created marketplace will allow sellers to easily reach buyers that are interested in the specific product they have. Buyers also have a great opportunity to find good deals and exactly what they need in one place. The buyer is also assured of purchasing at the current market price with a maximum knowledge of what is available.


Manufacturers of all types of resins often have aged inventories and wide spec resins that they need to place in the secondary market without affecting their prime market. The World Plastics Trading Center affords them this outlet where they can offer these products as generic virgin wide spec resins while reducing their inventories and maximizing their returns on these resins.


Plastics General, Inc. is a full service plastics resin broker/distributor, operating from Tempe, AZ for 15 years. Plastics General, Inc. offers a wide range of prime and regrind materials, as well as industrial scrap recovery. Further information is available via the Internet at and Plastics General, Inc. may be contacted at 888-678-4410 or


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